4. Why Then, Lord?

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4. A few moments ago my mind began to recount a conversation I had with a brother in the Lord this morning about John the Baptist and Jesus’ response in Matthew 11:6 (also a similar response is in Luke 7:23) but then jumped to my second favorite person in the Bible: Jeremiah. (I am going to jump around, so please stay with me.) And then it went to Hosea. And then back to John the Baptist. And then a question came to me, Why them, Lord?? I mean these were ordinary men, although John the Baptist was predetermined, but it can be argued with the others as well, initially who responded (again, partly omitting John) to a desire or call. Another word could be passion. But a passion for who? Israel? These men, instruments or oracles of God, were used in powerful ways (and we will deflate the reality that a book is named after them to examine this thought) to reach a lost Israel (and Judah) back to God. Israel (as a whole, Judah included) was lost to pride, idolatry, rebellion which lead to self-reliance (this immediately brings me to mind Revelation 3:17). These men hand-picked by God proclaimed the Word of the Lord. And against reviling, shame, loss, etc. these men had something that we Christians ought to take note of. If you were to allow yourself to be transported back in time and were to see these men and look them directly in their eyes, you would see a fire. Not a condemning, hellfire and brimstone fire (judgment) but a zeal for God. An excited zeal like a newly married couple has toward one another. That fire, as in Rocky 3, the eye of the tiger, burned at an intensity that I can almost picture them in a symbolic way dragging backslidden Israel back to God. In other words, that these men of God, their passion for God was so intense that it is almost like they couldn’t wait to take you to the feet of God, to know Him intimately, to receive from Him joy, peace, wisdom, love, affirmation. And although Israel, the nation or people were backslidden and these men were used to reach them as a matter of history or truth, we can observe what I just wrote is an example or allegory of us American Christians. And regardless of whether the prophecies in the Bible speak to the Church directly or indirectly or only to Israel, all you have to change is the pronoun or proper noun from Israel and the shoes will fit to us. So allow me to ask this question and let us look at it from present times, what can be seen in your eyes? Further is it something that regardless of the heckling, chiding, or avoidance, people can see a genuine passion in you. I am not talking about proclaiming doctrine or arguing. Arguing turns people away and doctrine is like eating oatmeal dry from the canister. I am talking about a fire in your eyes that others may see, your eye of the tiger, so much so that it is almost like you are taking them by the hand to know more of Him. So then, my title question can change from Why them, Lord?? to Why ____, Lord??


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