The Call of God upon Gideon

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Topic: The Call of God upon Gideon

Text: Judges 6, 7, 8

People always ask “Why should I follow you?

Seven (7) Assets followers want from a Leader

  1. CALLING – Few things are in clarity to a leader’s calling. A divine call must be seen in a leader’s life.
  2. INSIGHT – People respect a leader with insight, wisdom to see the issue in a leader’s life.
  3. CHARISMA – People flock to a leader who make them feel good themselves
  4. TALENT –  Look no further for the entertainment industry. People follow those that have talent. We must posses physical strength and talent.
  5. ABILITY – People feel a natural attraction to those that get things done.
  6. COMMUNICATION SKILL – A leader who cannot communicate his vision cannot get people to follow him.
  7. CHARACTER – Its take character to win and maintain TRUST. We must have Courage and Character.

Rev. (Dr.) Dansmith J. Aisevbo, D. Min.

President, CEO

Groupworld Missions Outreach Int’l Inc.


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