5. Rapture getting very near. Why?

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I’m following patterns in prophetic fulfillment and enjoying the exercise. I’m reminded of Luke 17:26, “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of man” How was it? The imagination of man’s heart was evil continually. There were scoffers abounding in spite of faithful preaching. There was devious behaviour that grieved God Almighty. Then taking Christ’ analogy further, There was an Ark prepared (which is a picture of Christ, our Redeemer on the Cross, bearing our sin’s away) There was a period of warning & urgency and then God shut the door to any other entering in. Today we have many who are openly flaunting their evil lifestyles before everyone (& demanding acceptance) and yet we have Christ’s free offer of salvation, if only rebellious mankind would repent and turn to Him for salvation & accept Him as Kinsman Redeemer. Then in vs.28 we have Jesus giving the example of “as it was in the days of Lot”. That was a time of rampant homosexuality. It was a time of frantic building & commerce and agriculture. Then came destruction. However I’m not stating that the famous passage in the rest of the chapter (Lk.17:30-37) which I personally don’t believe preview the Rapture (as most others do) I will set out several reasons later for this. Firstly the word “left” in A.V. at the end of vs.36 is from Greek “apheimi” meaning “send away”. Transversely the opposite of that word “left” being “taken” means “to receive near” from Greek “paralambano”. It is that class that are TAKEN away that are “removed in judgment. Those who are left, are the blessed ones as they go on into Christ’s earthly Kingdom. Even the word for “body” in vs.37 is wrongly translated in most modern versions including N.I.V. (who replaces body with “carcase”) as it comes from Greek word “soma” meaning a “living body” (A different Greek word however was used in the cross reference verse in Matt.24:28. That is rightly translated as “carcase” as it is from the Greek word “ptoma” which means “dead & rotting carcase”.

by Geoffrey

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