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Topic: Self Discipline: Samson had it then he lost it

Text: Judges 6:20

We must be determine to lead our own life well before allowing anyone to lead it for you.

Discipline doesn’t automatically makes you a leader. But  you cannot remain in leadership for a long time when you are not well disciplined.

Followers want to witness these qualities in their Leader

  1. Character in their leader
  2. Competence in their leader
  3. Compassion in their leader
  4. Commitment in their leader
  5. Connection in their leader
  6. Contribution with their leader
  7. Cause with their leader
  8. Consistency in their leader
  9. Confidence in their leader
  10. Conviction in their leader

Spiritual Discipline

  1. Study and learn what God’s word on a given issue.
  2. We choose to apply to obey the word of God in everyday life.
  3. Expose yourself to a need.
  4. We meditate on specific truth over a period of 6 months to 1 year.
  5. We have decided what is worth living and dying for.
  6. We associate with people with conviction in the areas.
  7. We settle an issue before we are forced to do so.

Why not make a list now of those principles you must believe in?

If you don’t have look for areas to make it possible.

You must set gates around your life.


Rev. (Dr.) Dansmith J. Aisevbo. D.Min

Missionary Teacher

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