Missionaries Breakfast Fellowship – Commitment

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Commitment Precede Goals.

Leaders must be generous. They must have the mind to relate with people.

                                                BOAZ TO RUTH

  1. He was generous with his passion (Ruth 2:8-9)
  2. He was generous with his compliment (Ruth 2:11-12)
  3. He was generous with his Courting (Ruth 2:14)
  4. He was generous with his Crops (Ruth 2:15-16)
  5. He was generous with his Credibility (Ruth 3)
  6. He was generous with his Commitment (Ruth 4:9-10)

Both Ruth and Boaz benefited in both relationship. Integrity is about wholeness

Courage: Ruth step out and take a risk (Ruth 3:1-6)

Risking your life for Something requires:

  1. Responsibility – Having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.
    For example “women bear children and take responsibility for the child care”
  2. Initiative – Act even when no one else go before
  3. Sacrifice – Make sacrifice to make things work.

Knowledge – Posses enough information to trust the decisions you make


Rev. (Dr.) Dansmith L. Aisevbo, D. MIn

Missionary Teacher

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