AMB. (REV.) DANSMITH J. AISEVBO, D.MIN is the PRESIDENT / FOUNDER, GROUPWORLD MISSIONS OUTREACH INT’L INC. (Center for Cross-cultural Missions Training Service – Nigeria), in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, a multi-ethnic, non-denominational Missions’ Church.

He is recognized as an outstanding and dynamic preacher and a passionate and practical teacher of the Word of God

Amb. (Rev.) Dansmith J Aisevbo, D.Min is a much sought-after conference speaker and Missionary who has been guest speaker in numerous national and international Christian conventions and meetings. His depth of insight into God’s Word and the uniqueness of his ministry appeals to a diverse group of people from all walks of life and is greatly affecting and changing many lives around the world. Tremendous moves of the Holy Spirit have been experienced wherever he has ministered, with numerous amazing miracles, healing, deliverance and Salvations being recorded. Hundreds have experienced financial breakthrough, restoration and a renewed desire to serve God with commitment as a result of hearing and applying the Biblical principles he has taught.

Amb. (Rev.) Dansmith J Aisevbo, D.Min believed in four dimensions of success in both the Christian and ministry life as well as all life endeavours.

These four dimensions are also his secret of success so far.
The four dimensions are:
a. Desire: Which he regards as the beginning point and foundation success (Ps. 37:4;Prov.18:1)
b. Decision: This he called the result of desire as in number one above(Phil.3:8-11;Acts20:4)
c. Determination: This according to him is vital as no meaningful success can be achieved        without doggedness (1 cor.16:13, Esther4:16, 1 cor.15:58).
d. Dependence on the Holy Ghost: This is what he called “sine qua non” of a success, for without Him (the Holy Ghost),you can do nothing (Jn.15:5,Rom.8:14, 1 cor.2:12-15, Isaiah 48:17, Isaiah 42:18-20, Isaiah 30:2, Jn.530).

Amb. (Rev.) Dansmith J Aisevbo, D.Min is a man who is on fire for God and anointed by Him for this hour to serve God’s purpose in our generation. His great desire is to raise an army of GeneratioNext Leaders by provoking these young leaders towards their God-given destiny and to help every person, regardless of circumstances or economic status, to achieve their fullest potential in God. He values sincerity, honesty and his peers admire and respect his prayerful lifestyle, his hunger for the presence and glory of God, his integrity and his boldness. He is never willing to compromise on excellence and godliness which to him is a way of life. Whatever he does in every area of life and ministry, he insists that it should be done outstandingly to display God’s glory and excellence.

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