Gift: For you to be Effective in your Ministry, you must work from your Gift

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Topic: Gift: To be effective in Ministry you must work from your Gift

Text: 1Tim. 1:5-7

For your Ministry to excel fast and for you to flow effectively in Ministry, you must Work from your Gift.

If you love preaching – work from it, a teacher – work from it, evangelizing – work from it etc.

Our Leadership will always be must natural, effective, and influential when we lead from our Gifts and Strength then it won’t be force, awkward, and artificial

Effective leadership occurs when we lead from our own Identity.

In Leadership, remember

  1. My Secure Heritage
  2. My Spiritual Life
  3. My Solid Conviction (Spirit to do the work will be given to us and of a sound mind

When God calls us He will give all you need to Lead His people – 2Tim.1:7-8

God always give us all we need to lead.

Timothy fell Timid (Timidity) – It always come from your Babbage or the Pit o Hell. Instead God will equip us with Love, Power and Sound Mind.

All Leaders need this fundamental tools

  1. Love: The relational ingredient that enable us to attract and connect with the people.
  2. Power: The courage and Competence to get the job done
  3. Sound Mind: The perspective and wisdom to grasp a Vision and take the right step.


Rev. (Dr.) Dansmith L. Aisevbo, D. MIn

Missionary Teacher


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