BREAKFAST SERVICE – Strategic Partnership

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partner strategic-partnershipBREAKFAST SERVICE – Strategic Partnership

Topic: Strategic Partnership: Ministry and Market Place Leader

Text: 1 Sam. 9

How Saul and Samuel decided to lead God’s people

You can use the businessmen/women with the passion to achieve God’s given vision.

Samuel the Priest (Ministry Leader)

He finds his security in his divine call and in the one who call him and not the people. While Saul could be a intimidating and daunting Leader.

Samuel does not envy Saul’s role, nor can it be diverted in Saul’s life.


  1. Samuel could speak into Saul’s life because he feel secure
  2. Samuel took initiative and anointed Saul for the role in which he occupied (1 Sam. 10:1)
  3. He didn’t feel that they should fight over but rather than compliment
  4. Samuel helped Saul to receive a new call.


Rev. (Dr.) Dansmith J. Aisevbo, D.Min.

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