BREAKFAST SERVICE – Leadership Quality

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leadershipBREAKFAST SERVICE – Leadership Quality

Indeed Samuel was a man of Integrity.

Images of Samuel’s Leadership Quality

  1. Shepherds knows, Love, Protect and Lead his Sheep. A leader must be both tough and tender. People will listen to you because of your leadership.
  2. Steward (Responsibility): A steward acts on behalf of the owner overseeing others and manages possessions. Stewards are accountable to the owners. They are accountable to the owners. (Luke 12:42-48)

You (steward) must remain faithful to his calling, accountable to God, and be responsible to the people they will always listen to you.

  1. Servant: The key word here is right. A Biblically informed leader give up his right, instead of gaining them when he reaches the top. Leaders sacrifice for the good of the people.

Power should not motivate leaders but rather “Service”.


Rev. (Dr.) Dansmith J. Aisevbo. D.Min

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