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courageBREAKFAST SERVICE – Courage

Topic: Courage: Courage – Every leader needs it Courage the one item King Saul forgot to  pack. Learn to be yourself. On the outside he was tall, good looking and well built but on the inside there were battles he never won; hatred, disobedience, anger, Jealousy.

  1. He hid inside when he was to be ordained.
  2. He excuses himself when he was asked by Samuel to lead.
  3. He was panicking and disobeyed God when his soldiers began to scatter in the war front.
  4. He makes excuses for his sins when he was confronted by Samuel.
  5. He was afraid to trust God and kill all his enemies when he attacked the people of Amalekites
  6. He builds a statue for himself when he feared that the people will have him
  • Courage and Cowardice are both contagious
  • Only Courage allows you to do what you afraid of doing
  • Without courage we are slave to our security
  • A leader without Courage will never let go of his comfort zone (familiarity)


Rev. (Dr.) Dansmith J. Aisevbo, D.Min

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