Outreach Ministry to Vulnerable  and street Children  is home away from home, and it is the orphanage Centre of Groupworld Missions Outreach Int’l Inc. It was established to settle the street children, abandoned and neglected children, orphans without any care through community sport. Edo state has many cases of vulnerable children who have ended up on streets or on cabbage places and gardens abandoned by their parents. The orphanage takes full responsibility of these children by providing medical care, food, education, clothing and beddings and shelter. Additional to that the orphanage centre also offers psychosocial support to reduce stigma associated with these children.

The orphanage centre would like people to sponsor a child, contribute towards shelter, medical care, education, clothing and beddings, food and general welfare.

orphanage chilren

Our Vision:

‘’To empower neglected and abandoned children’’

Our Mission:

To improve the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children at the orphanage centre’’

Our Objectives:

  1. To care and support for neglected and abandoned children
  2. To provide education support to orphans and vulnerable children at the orphanage centre
  3. To improve the health of orphans and vulnerable children at the orphanage centre in Edo State, Nigeria and entire Africa as a whole.


Objective 1:

  1. Purchase of beds and clothes for vulnerable children at the orphanage center
  2. Provision of food and shelter
  3. Alternative care for neglected and abandoned children
  4. Training of staff and community on care and support

Objective 2:

  1. Provision of scholastic materials and uniforms
  2. Provision of fees (child sponsorship )
  3. Recreation activities for vulnerable children

Objective 3:

  1. Provide preventive health care for children
  2. Information on health, hygiene and nutrition and ARV therapy for those living HIV/AIDS positively
  3. Training health care workers to provide user friendly services for vulnerable children at the orphanage center.


The orphanage center faces challenges of feeding the children and it is even worse with the inflation hitting Nigeria today, the children also lack what to dress and beds, they need clothes, beds, shelter and medical care. Remember a health child a health mind. These children are abandoned because their parents /guardians can not afford the basic needs, therefore ran away from responsibilities. Other children are born orphans for instance a child is born and a mother dies, then when the father marries other women, they are subjected to domestic violence and torture.The country has not done much for these children, it’s only the organizations that are trying to protect them and provide basic needs in an institutionalized setting. Apart from that children need a conducive environment for them to play and enjoy all their rights like their counter parts.