6. Be Careful What You Listen To

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Ecclesiastes 7:21: Do not pay attention to every word people say, or you may hear your servant cursing you. I have noticed that people (Christians included) will say things – good or bad, about you or anybody else, even if they cannot validate what they are saying is true. They will gossip and lie on your name, your successes, failures, disappointments, happiness, sorrows, prosperity or even poverty. It is true, that you cannot stop them. It is equally true that worrying about what they are saying is not worth your time. Make a decision right now to know less or care less of what people say about you. When you do, you will save yourself from grief and frustration. People (Christians included) say these things because they are jealous of you, because they do not like you, or because they can’t control or use you. Others may say things because they can’t measure up to you, or because they simply do not know you. Whatever the reason or reasons anyone may lie on you or gossip about you, please notice that there is a level of knowledge that is dangerous for your own good. Those evil things that are said about you, that you do not have knowledge of, will preserve your life, your peace, and your love walk. Remember we (you and I) will one day have to give an account of everything that we say (Matthew 12:36). There is a blessing for not paying attention to everything people say about you. You have more time to focus on those things that matter in your life. Taken from My Daily Light, Edited by Encourager Linda Flagg, MA, CS, LM 

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