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Chain of Leading

Few Sundays ago, I began a series called Embracing Change, but our journey of change began long before that. You have seen, heard, and can bear witness to the mighty hand of God upon our church. He has truly allowed us to experience supernatural discoveries, in our individual lives, and as a church. God has indeed been faithful to us over the years. And now we are about to go to another level of fruitfulness and productivity-a level we have nicknamed “Glory 7!” To get there requires change-our structure, systems, staff and strategies will need to be adjusted or completely redesigned! One of the changes necessary was to hire an executive pastor. We advertised the position and received numerous applications. After reviewing the applicants, the decision was made to hire Rev. Craig Whisnand. Pastor Craig began working with us in this new capacity on September 7, 2014. We are excited about having him as part of the team. We believe that he is the right person for this position. His role will be to assist me in helping us to put the right systems, structures and staff in place to allow us to become even more efficient and effective as a church. Pastor Craig, his wife Lisa, his daughter Rachel and her son will be moving to Maryland from Oklahoma, and we believe they will be a great addition to the Bethel family! Please join us in welcoming the Whisnands to Bethel! One of the key indicators of life is the capacity to change. Jesus calls us to be flexible enough to flow with what God is doing in our midst. Remember, we cannot get new results with old behavior. Change is happening, and you’re a part of it. This is your church; your battleship. I’m confident that I can count on you, Dr. Dansmith J., to embrace change, and take an active role in continuing to support the work of God through Bethel!                                                      

By His Grace,

Bishop Johnson    

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