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misused by church leaders

Please theologians, can you expound on Math 18:15-17. Is this scripture for church discipline or for personal interaction? And when should church leadership get involved in 2 people’s conflicts…esp if there has not even been a chance for the 2 people to talk things out?                  My personal opinion is that when a bible study leader has made a mistake with someone in the group, they should deal with it themselves. Not run to Pastor and other leaders ….and pretty soon they claim this scripture. That there is no one to one straightening out, but 3 against 1. Is this not misuse of power? It did not have anything to do with sin. Had something to do with a medial thing she misunderstood because she is only in the country about 1 year and did not know medical system rules and accused (of lying when it was absolute truth). Had to do with being in hospital Emergency etc. Serious medical things.

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